Hey there Salvagers!

I wanted to fill you in on some things that have been happening around Two Robots HQ. First and foremost, we have done a small rebrand to ourselves to be more fun. “Wait, you weren’t fun before?”. Oh nice, I’m glad you asked. We were, but we want to bring you the best possible experience, and we decided to take a little bit of seriousness out of us (Besides, you are going to love some of the new Robot branding on Insta).

Beyond that, I wanted to talk to you all about a little competition that we are running. Yes, yes we all know that March Madness is coming up, err well I didn’t but most of us do. Anyways, we wanted to share with you all a bracket that we came up with, that we would love for you all to fill out. I’ll give you the breakdown.

CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW TO DOWNLOAD YOUR BRACKET PDF! MMBracket email it to tworobotsio@gmail.com!

Fill out the bracket with your favorite robots. They are pitted against each other in a fight!

If you share it with us, and get > 50% of the Robots correct, you will win our most extravagant, beautifully illustrated sticker pack.

If you share it with us, and get 100% of the Robots correct, you will win a pre-release copy of Two Robots. That’s right, a brand spanking new game for your playing pleasure well before anyone else will get to play.

Doesn’t that sound wonderful? We sure think it does and hope YOU do as well.

How do you get Robots correct?

Great question, I'm glad you asked. Robots are based on the majority of votes. So, if everyon's brackets have the Nuclear Robot defeating the Chemical/Solar the Nuclear will move on. Quick hack: If you share it with your friends, and they also have similar brackets to you, you could certainly influence Robot fights 😉.

You can download the template here. Feel free to write in the boxes whatever you want that is related to the robot that you are picking (Solar, yellow, bumblebee, what have you). The last day to enter the tournament is March 19th, the first day of March Madness, so get your brackets in before then! Best of luck in your picks to Robot swag!

Oh by the way, check out this aptly themed hilarious robot gif.

Robot Basketball Gif

This post was written by Aaron Dack.He often goes by the moniker "Robot 2" and his favorite robot is the electrical/solar Hybrid.