Many Hats

Hello, everyone. Nice to meet you all. I'm a little late to the blog party.

TL;DR — I need to know a little about a lot of things. I am Juan, and I work in astronomy, research and development, emergency response, public relations, resource allocation, local, state, national, and worldwide governments affairs, global outreach, education, journalism, community organizing, large-scale construction, flight training, artificial intelligence, archive retrieval, computer programming, computer hacking, intergalactic travel, system maintenance, medical services, wilderness training, architecture, biology, city planning, mining, welding, labor, community activism, safety inspection, mechanical engineering...

I think I'm getting ahead of myself.

I am the educated and the underprivileged, the artist and the artwork, the CEO and laborer, the government official and the resident, the engineer and the machine, the order and the malfunction. I am the everything Rennova has to offer. (Well, most of it anyway. Omar and Aaron have done so much to make this all possible after all.)

Basically, I'm the world builder.

As a world builder, I wear many hats, see the world from many angles, and spend many hours a week thinking of life in the Two Robots universe. While it is probably the most fun job I've had by far, I must warn it is not as simple as daydreaming and jotting down notes. I've learned a job like this is not at all to be taken lightly.

JuansNotes Some of the early notes of Two Robots

In my series of blog posts, I'll try to focus on a major element of my job as I've experienced it. I'll go over establishing basic details we take for granted, like atmospheric conditions, nature, and organic stuff, emphasize the importance of characters and how they can drive a civilization to greatness or ruin, and talk a bit about balancing calm and tense events to keep your audience interested.

I feel I've gone on long enough with lists for now, but expect me in my next post

Until then,

This post was written by Juan Trevino.He often goes by ArchivistAdrift. He loves seeing how far Rennova's inhabitants have come