Hey Salvagers,

Hope you all are doing well. I wanted to check back in and tell you about some exciting news and share some pictures with you about the things that have been happening around Two Robots HQ. A quick note, we are still running our March Madness giveaway, we are actively announcing the Robot winners of each round on social media! If you haven't had a chance, defintely go check it out, we have some pretty punny pictures thanks to Omar. First, some big news. We have a slated Kickstarter date of May 21st. There's a lot to do between now and then, so here's the updates!


Two Robots now has a careers page! We are actively looking for talent in all areas, if you don't see the job that you are looking for, feel free to reach out to us directly. Seriously, we always want great people. Right now our immediate needs are for people that are really good at video, and really good at social media coordination. Oh, yeah, forgot about the perks. As a totally remote company, we offer everyone the freedom to be wherever they want, and do the things they need to do. We really believe in empowering others and unlocking their full potential. Beyond that, we have incredibly flexible work hours, and if you are in Austin, we have unlimited snacks. Interested in joining our team? Check out the link here.

Shooting Video

Over the weekend we met up with one of our local videographers here in Austin to get a full video shoot done of our "How To Play" video. We have been wanting to do this for sometime, but his schedule and other extraneous things got in the way. Not anymore! Our "How To Play" video is about to be hot off the press and directly into your viewing eyes. We hosted the event at Omar's house and his neighbors so graciously came over and played the game with us. I was the resident camera man, trying to snap the best shots to capture the moment. Check it out below.

The Setup Setting up the video shoot

OmarDeepInThought Omar deep in thought choosing his next move

EveryonePlaying Everyone playing! John, the neighbor ended up winning the game

Overall, the shoot went swimmingly. We are so excited to share this video with you that we wanted to drop a little teaser for you all. Enjoy.

Want to share what you thought of the teaser? Hit us up on social media, or reach out directly to us through e-mail. Our lines of communication are always open.

Till next time,

This post was written by Aaron Dack.He often goes by the moniker "Robot 2" and his favorite robot is the electrical/solar Hybrid.